Frequently Asked Questions & Tips For Placing A Classified Ad

1. What classification should I choose?

Choose a classification that pertains to the ad you are writing. You will want to pick a classification that would have similar running ads. Remember to include your area code, because many people won’t know which area you live in when doing a search on the website.

2. What if I want my ad to stand out?

If you want your ad to stand out, you can use enhancements border (box), reverse (black background),. You can also upload your own graphics, photos and logos. You can only upload 1 photo per print ad. If you need to change the photo, call 763-241-3650 with your ad ID# that is included in your confirmation.

3. What if  I need to kill an ad?

If you need to kill an ad, you will need to call your local office. See contacts page.

4. What if I want to re-run an ad that I placed before?

If you would like to re-run an ad, you can pull up previous ads under account manager (make sure you are logged in). Then highlight the text and copy it. Click on create a new ad, when you get to the screen that asks you to type in the text, paste in the text and modify it or add enhancements as needed.

5. How do I pay for an ad?

If you are placing an ad online, Visa, Mastercard or Discover credit cards are required. American Express is not accepted. Otherwise you can place an ad in person at your local office with cash, check or credit card, or  you can mail your ad in with a check or credit card # to your local office.

6. What areas do you cover and what are the names of the publications in those areas?LINK to map and editions

See map and editions coverage area.

7. Which newspapers should I select?

If you are placing an PT employment it is more likely that someone within a few miles is going to respond to the ad. However, if you are placing an ad for someone to work from home or a rare item you are selling, then you may want to place the ad to a wider audience and it may make sense to select all newspapers. Many people search ads online or travel to communities further away from home. Sometimes those people respond to an ad so you may not want to limit advertising to just your community.

8. Do I have to set up an account? What happens if I forget my username and password or want to make changes to my username or password?

You need to have an account set up to place an ad. However, you can start placing you ad and set up an account as part of the process of saving and submitting your ad.

Your username is your email address. If you can’t remember your password, click on the forgot password link and it will be emailed to you. If you want to change your username or password, log into your account, then click on the my account tab and adjust your password or other account settings.

9. Can I edit my classified ad online after I have already placed the ad?

Once an ad has been placed (either online, by phone or in person), –the only way to make a change or edit the ad is to contact your local office and have a customer service representative make the changes for you. See contacts page

10. I placed my classified using Place an Ad online, did you receive my ad?

A receipt page should display after successfully placing your ad order online, that includes an Ad ID #, a rough image of your ad as it will run in print, a detailed publication schedule and the amount that will be charged to your credit card. If you see this page, and have an Ad ID #,  you can be assured we have received your ad and that there is no need to contact  us to verify.

If you did not see the Receipt Page after placing your ad order, but you are sure you proceeded all the way through the process and submitted your ad - including the payment and billing information pages - please call 763-241-3650 to verify that your ad order was received and processed.

11. Can I place an ad using my ECM account number, and be billed for the ad?

If you are an existing business customer, you can submit ad text to our invoiced classifieds system, here. A classified representative will email you a confirmation detailing the price and run schedule. However, this system does not include ad enhancement options available with our regular classified ordering system. You must have an existing ECM business account number for this option, otherwise your ad will not be placed.